Friday, September 25, 2009

"UNIX" commands from the movie Sphere (1998)

"UNIX" commands from the movie Sphere (1998) that are visible on screens during the movie:

Supposedly, to access a stream of data somehow being forced to display on your other computer screens:

guest@d18 4% >pwd
>user lono logged off...system opera
root@d18 1%>ascii tty mode ENABLED


Also, chmod can get funky according to a commend pending execution in a background window:

/bin/chmod -r-r-w

They seem to think to convert decimal to binary you should do this:

$BSD = -f '/vmunix'; if ($BSD) {system 'BIN
cbreak /dev/tty 2>&1'; '
(outout of binary data -- total mismatch w/ the decimal data shown earlier)

Also, they discovered that to translate messages sent by an "alien" who learned English based on the layout of a QWERTY keyboard you can use this broken Perl script:

(numeric garbage)
sub set_cbreak { = &set_cbreak(1) or
local($on) = $_[0],
require 'sys/',
$sgttyb_t = 'C# $' unless
$sgttyb_t; #c2ph:

@d18 command> ./GO

*sigh* I hate when lame movies try to be realistic and just look even more lame in the process.